A Sport for All Ages

Orienteering for all agesJoin us for an orienteering event and you'll discover a diverse group.  Participants range in age from infants riding in backpacks to those in their seventies.  The sport is a match for all ranges of athletes from participants using a cane to stroll along on trails to competitors running 10 kilometers backcountry over downed trees and through sand.  Some may be using a topographical map for the first time; others may have 50 years experience instructing national orienteerers and the military.

How can such a diverse group find satisfaction at the same event?

It turns out there is more going on than the hospitality of the Columbia River Orienteering Club.



How could one map possibly satisfy the needs of a cross-country runner, a senior and a fifth-grader?  The answer is easy (beginner), medium (intermediate) and difficult (advanced).  Courses are color coded according to degree of challenge.


Beginner courses (white, yellow courses): The terrain is easy. The courses are appropriate for a parent pushing a stroller or a senior walking with a cane.  There will be little elevation to scale and smooth paths to follow.  The skill required to read a map is basic.  This is wonderful for kids.  Youngsters who have just learned the alphabet have taken to reading  maps.  The club offers introductory training classes free of charge at all events.



Intermediate courses (yellow, orange courses): The more orienteering you do, the more skilled you become at reading maps and reading terrain.  As you move from white to yellow to orange courses, the skill level required progresses.  Additionally, the physical challenge of a course progresses.  Some courses begin to lengthen and may even have more elevation change.  Intermediate training classes are free of charge at many events.  Please check the website for time and topic if intermediate training is offered.



Advanced courses (brown, green, red, blue): As you grow, the challenges grow.  Keep improving your skill level.  CROC offers advanced training events.  Also, improve your skill by getting inside the mind of a course designer and design your own course!  There are many opportunities available.  Too many to list here, but being a member of CROC will open doors and you'll find yourself growing with the sport and finding what fits your liking.