Mountain Bike Orienteering, Stub Stewart State Park

Event date
Sun June 1

Event overview
Stub Stewart, a mt. bike friendly state park abut 45 minutes from Portland in the Coast Range, has a well developed network of bike trails, perfect for mt. bike-O.  We'll have beginner and more advanced courses available, so come out and give it a try even if you are new to this type of orienteering.

 - Registration 10:30 am - 12:45 pm
 - Beginner Clinics 11:00 am - 1:00 pm as needed
 - Course starts 11:00 am - 1:00 pm
 - Courses close 3:00 pm
(All teams must check out through the course finish gate before leaving the park, even if the team does not finish the course or returns after the course closes.)

 We'll have 2 courses:  easier (about 4 Km, 8-10 controls) and harder (about 7 Km, 10-12 controls).  Participants are welcome to try one or both.
 Electronic scoring (E-punch) will be used on all courses.  Rental fee is $1.

All CROC orienteering events are put on by volunteers, and the meet director can almost always used some extra hands.
Please keep in mind:
- No prior experience is needed for many of the tasks
- You can still run your course of choice and help out
- Your entry fee is FREE if you help out with a meet!  
Typical ways to assist are:  helping with starts and finishes, checking in folks at registration, and picking up control flags after the course closes.
Please contact the meet director at the email address on the bottom of this page if you'd like to help out with this event.
For more details, see the volunteer pages.

The team time is posted on the CROC web site a couple of days after the event.

Registration and other costs
- The event is open to the public.
- Beginners are welcome at this and all CROC events.  Beginner orienteering clinics are taught as needed.
- If you join CROC at this event, ($15 individual, $20 family/group annual membership), your event fee is FREE!  Ask about this at meet registration.
- If you volunteer for this event, your event fee is FREE also.

All participants must register and sign the liability waiver before entering the course.

The Columbia River Orienteering Club charges are:
 - $8 - individual (non-member)
 - $12 - group (non-member, going out using one map)
 - $6 - individual (club member)
 - $10 - group (club member, going out using one map)
 - $1 - extra copy of color map
 - $1 - compass rental
 - $1 - e-punch rental

Each participant or team receives a course map and a control description sheet.

These fees do not include any extra daily use fee charged by the park. You must pay these separately. Oregon State parks charges $5 for day use, $30 for a 12 month pass and $50 for a 24 month pass.


Contact:  Meet Director:  Sue Grandjean


Our 2014 mountain bike orienteering event had a nice turnout under cool weather, changing to sunny.  Hats off to long course winner Tim Goodall, who whomped the field in his first ever orienteering competition. We hope to see you all next year.  Thanks to Sue Grandjean and Abra Mcnair, USA national mountain bike orienteering team members, for putting on a great event!

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